Canadian Drug Companies Payments to Doctors and Health-Care Organizations

Summary of the Globe and Mail article Canadian drug makers assailed for lack of transparency over payments

  • Ten large Canadian drug companies paid $48 million to doctors and health-care-organizations in 2016
  • The payment disclosure was voluntary and was an aggregate number; critics say this is not transparent and meaningless
  • Only 10 of the 45 members  of a drug company consortium took part in the voluntary effort
  • In the United States, Australia and some European countries   patients can search for doctors’ names on a public database to see if they have taken money from the drug industry
  • In the United States, drug companies are required, by law, to disclose any payment over $10 to doctors and health-care organizations
  • Doctors are paid for consulting, delivering speeches, sitting on advisory boards and travelling to international medical conferences
  • The federal health minister said that disclosure of payments to doctors should be up to the provinces

Read the entire Globe and Mail article, June 20, 2017.