March 26, 2017


National Pharmaceutical Program

Seniors who can’t afford their drugs will end up in the hospital and doctor’s office more often, a national pharmaceutical program has the potential to save the Government money in the long run. Read the Liberal party policy resolution on Universal Pharmacare and actions proposed by the Minister of Health to reduce drug costs.

Affordable Housing

Seniors are being priced out of their homes by the escalating cost of rent.

Care Homes

Homes are underfunded and understaffed. Inadequate care in care homes could lead to more seniors making hospital visits.

Developers are building seniors homes in Vancouver with the local housing prices in mind, creating “five star” homes that are not reflective of the financial states of a large portion of Vancouver seniors.

There may be issues regarding federal v. provincial jurisdiction.


Do we need to review current legislation that covers only the acute cases, and not chronic, home or end of life care?

Senior Poverty

The Environment

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