Minister of Seniors Appointment

In the July, 2018 cabinet shuffle Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created a new federal ministry to address seniors’ issues and appointed Hamilton-area MP Filomena Tassi as Minister of Seniors. (

This position will help the government “better understand the needs of Canadian seniors and ensure that programs and services are developed that respond to Canada’s aging population,” Trudeau’s office says.

This is welcome news to seniors and to the numerous advocates who campaigned for the Ministry over the past few years.

In clarifying the government’s intentions in creating the Ministry the Hon. Filomena Tassi stated it is about “acknowledging the contributions that seniors have made to our society, to the economy, promoting those, and then providing opportunities for seniors to continue to do that, and to afford them the opportunity to know that moving forward, that we care about them, that we’re going to try to provide for them the best possible way of flourishing.”

She further stated Wednesday she had yet to be briefed on whether she would have a stand-alone department.

In the opinion of Sharon Carstairs, a former Manitoba senator and advocate for seniors, “It will mean something if she has a department, she has staff that can help her, she sits on cabinet committees which will be influential in changing social services generally.”

For now the creation of the Ministry holds promise as does Tassi’s statement “My goal is to bring ‘golden’ back to the golden years.”

Candace Hartman
Quadra Granville Seniors Group